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Was just going through my old pictures and there was this constant smile on my face… Sometimes its weird how we forget how wonderfully we have lived.. Every moment seems like it had just happened yesterday.. We were that young and stupid and no 1 cared.  The best part was that ‘we’ did not care.. Now we just keep missing moments coz we are too occupied with the thinking part of it.. When did we become so tensed and feared to ‘live’.. How come its so difficult to remind yourself a moment when you cared less and lived more.. Why is it that we are constantly finding and losing ourselves at the same time… I believe the stuff that you know about yourself is enough to define you.. There’s nothing to dig in… For god sakes, we are not a piece of land.. Just make peace with whats on top and let the rest just breathe.. And then eventually you would just figure out and unwind the mysteries encircling you..

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