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If he is breaking up with you!

If he is breaking up with you!

This is the message you will write to him

” Thank you so much my love coz if you loved me the same way, just as I did, which I know you did, I understand how difficult it must have been for you to decide that. If this relationship was wrong for us, I am glad it’s coming out from you, bcoz honestly, I cud never have gotten my self to accept that, let alone having confessed that to you.

I am sorry there was never a lesson in school about how two lovers behave once they are separated. And, I am a little too unsure if I have absolutely stopped having feelings for you, so I apologize but I don’t see any future for a friendship between us. Sorry that the consequences we are facing are not exactly what we can deal with right now but trust me when I say this .. “Time heals”

My love, I just want you to never regret having done what you did. If you believe in your heart that it was the right thing to do, then It sure must have been, bcoz I know you. 

I want you to never worry about me hating you, bcoz thats not something that I would ever be capable of doing. I will silently bless you in times and always feel greatful about having met you in the first place. 

Few days back I attended a wedding of a couple who did not know each other at first but the minute they met each other they knew they’d spend the rest of their lives together. If this was meant to be then it would have been but there’s a reason it isn’t and we will know that as time goes by. All the answers come eventually, have faith!”

Yours amazingly!

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For an old friend..

Hey ashhh… I know i got a lil tooo late in delivering this to you.. I had planned to give this to you on your bday but as u knw, mei thodi late latif hu.. But hopefully you’ll receive it and it will bring a smile on your face.. Rite now though u must b like ‘kya nautanki hai yeh??’ Hahah… I know lol 😛
Since you attempted to write a poem on my bday and let me mention, it felt amazing when i red it, i had a lump in my throat.. So now its my time to attempt a deadly poem for u 😛 all the best.. I hope you survive it 😛 hehe
The 1st time i saw you,
i was just wondering if there was anything similar in the cue..

I’m so glad, destiny had this planned,
And we created memories together which cud have us banned 😛

It sucked when we had to separate,
But it was just gods way to irritate..

When i knew you,
I was in awe of you..
No i had not fallen for u.. Lol 😛

life just kept getting exciting,
With you on the back bench, 
You having red the 3 mistakes
And making sure i read the 2nd one 😉

Nothing really made sense during those fearful and fascinating days,
In the hands of life, we were just puppets made of clays..

A lot is happened, a lot is gone..
But i’ll always be your frnd, let me warn 😉

@shhh, You have a sense of ease around you,
The way you walk, that wicked smile of yours, your hair you never care about.. Well that’s kinda wat sums up to define the fact that u just don’t give a shit.. I adore that thing about you.. Infact there were times when i tried to be that, but to my disappointment, i always failed..

I know there have been a million things that have happened in the these few years.. You’ve been through a lot and m sorry i couldn’t be there for you in your worst times.. But i know you’d be okay.. There is this instinct that you have, where you believe in the ‘okay’ a lot more than the other way round.. N even if it isn’t okay, m sure you’d always carry that ease around with yourself 🙂
When i think about school, there isn’t much that strikes but when i think about our 9th and 10th ka madness.. The moment when i entered the 9th class for the 1st time, too scared to enter into the unknown n all i could hear was you calling my name ‘nishitaaa’ and the next thing i do is sit next to you…  N all i remember is that where it all started… I still cherish our frndship ash.. N m still vry glad, v met.. Our paths met somewhere 🙂 

And lastly, i know i haven’t really been that active in your life.. 
But if sometimes you’re having a dull day, i’m just a call away 😉 
A vry happy bday n hope you always keep smiling with a pinch of ‘i don’t give a fuck about it’ attitude.. And that will just complete my frnd, whom i chose to sit besides, in that class 🙂

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A little something that i wrote for my best friend and her boyfriend on their 1st anniversary..

Since the time wen i understood my bestie i knew she would be the worlds most apt girlfriend.. And every guy on earth wud b the luckiest to have her… Wen she would speak about how she doesn’t believe in the fact that good men exist, i knew there’s gonna be a guy who’s gonna change her life upside down, make her steady..make her believe.. Make her love..
   Near that pool wen i asked her to say a ‘yes’ in there for a moment i knew its gonna change all our lives… I have never seen her this happy, this contented, this complete untill u came in sounak… A small part of me did know that you wud matter a lot in her life n slowly her focus would shift from us but then i was happy to give that away.. She was focusing on herself!! She is so much better and emotionally stable now.. U r all in her talks, words, expressions.. As if you had always been there.. Always wid us.. i can’t think of a moment wen aaru was not in luv, she does that the best, lovin, caring and being herself.. Crazy crack head… More than my own love life, i wud forever protect your relationship… I promise to always stand up for you guys, whenever i need to.. U guys inspire me to believe.. To love and to hope… Sumday i’m gonna make that guy meet u guys n tell him all i want is to b like you guys… And he’s gonna love you both so much and for that reason i love him already :)…
    Never in my worst nightmares i can c u guys gettin away frm each other… Each day your love grows and so does my hope.. Sumday i am gettin my wifey to you.. Willingly lettin u take away my place.. While you’ll b waitin on the other end… I promise to travel that road with her while she reaches you, to forever belong to you… Officially ;)… A very happy anniversary wifey n jiju… May you guys forever remain happy and complete… I promise to cherish every moment while i c u guys growin into each other.. Aur kya bolu ‘ bas nazar naa lage’ :*


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