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If he is breaking up with you!

If he is breaking up with you!

This is the message you will write to him

” Thank you so much my love coz if you loved me the same way, just as I did, which I know you did, I understand how difficult it must have been for you to decide that. If this relationship was wrong for us, I am glad it’s coming out from you, bcoz honestly, I cud never have gotten my self to accept that, let alone having confessed that to you.

I am sorry there was never a lesson in school about how two lovers behave once they are separated. And, I am a little too unsure if I have absolutely stopped having feelings for you, so I apologize but I don’t see any future for a friendship between us. Sorry that the consequences we are facing are not exactly what we can deal with right now but trust me when I say this .. “Time heals”

My love, I just want you to never regret having done what you did. If you believe in your heart that it was the right thing to do, then It sure must have been, bcoz I know you. 

I want you to never worry about me hating you, bcoz thats not something that I would ever be capable of doing. I will silently bless you in times and always feel greatful about having met you in the first place. 

Few days back I attended a wedding of a couple who did not know each other at first but the minute they met each other they knew they’d spend the rest of their lives together. If this was meant to be then it would have been but there’s a reason it isn’t and we will know that as time goes by. All the answers come eventually, have faith!”

Yours amazingly!

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The guy who never replied

Today i write an email to this guy who never quite replied to my texts and because once he told me he never ignores his mail.. So just in the hope that this mail of mine will find some ‘peace’ of his mind.. I write this..
Dear Mr. Busy,
    I decide to let go..  Today your ex asked you to get back into her life and all you could tell her was, ” i am confused”.. So when you held me in your cabin, what was all that?! I did not find confusion..
You told me you understand what i am going through.. I so wish you did, because if that was the case, you would have lied to me, told me that u asked her to leave your life… But you chose to hurt me with the truth instead..
She’s messed, she’s not finding a job, she has problems, well sure as hell she does but aren’t we all going through this same shit.. How come is it that i never crossed your mind when you wished to shower people with sympathy..
I visualised dreams having you and me.. Always wondered I’ll share it with you when the right time arrives but then there is this one thing that won’t happen.. The right time just never really arrives.. The moment was just never meant to be or just couldn’t be..
I let you go because she needs you more than i do.. I would grow in your love but she would bask in it..
If i had you, each morning i couldn’t watch the guilt in your eye that screams to me saying,”she needs me”.. Because again you’d ignore that look in my eye that says,”just stay.. I need you too” and i’d just give you away in the hope that someday you’d just go back to the moment and re-read the look in my eye and know, that we were meant to be..
The girl you never really loved.


At times the real challenge is to be the stronger person and to decide to ‘let go’ off something that chooses to do no good to you..

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